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I am theAlienHuntsman, or maybe I should say “I am the person behind theAlienHuntsman”.

I am an German amateur writer with dreams.

What I write

The simplest description is: Stories I want to read myself!

In detail my writing interests lie with the following elements:

  • Sci-Fi
  • fantasy
  • Erotica
    • Various fetishes
    • Mostly from a male dominant point of view.
    • DS - Dominance and Submission
    • SM - Sadomasochism

Further information can be found in the menu under Projects. There is also a Project Overview!

What I don't write

Right-handed erotica, i.e. purely pornographic stories.

Paedophilia, at least in the sense that I present them in an erotic context. If a story requires paedophilia in its content, then it will be included, but I will describe it as such. By this I mean that the children are victims and the perpetrators engage in a pathological abuse of power.

Requests for stories

Are not pointless as such!

However, requests like: “Can you write me a pure foot fetishism story”, well there I refer to What I don't write.

On the other hand, I actually have too many ideas to realize them all, I have currently reached my limit, I can't manage more parallel projects! So if you are hoping for a quick realization, I have to disappoint you, even if the idea convinces me.

The best thing is to use the corresponding contact form. Praise and criticism are of course also welcome.

Why can't you read my stories here?

That's easy, German law. I currently have no desire to install an AVS system on this site, for the same reason I will not install, or rather activate, a direct comment function. With the new copyright law, this is just too tricky for me.

The thing with the stories is also only a small problem, as I link all of them to Patreon accordingly! Not to the individual chapters, but to the corresponding tables of contents there. You can find a list of all tables of contents .

Informations for my English readers

This Page is not completely translated yet. I will do it, page by page. Also, the translation of my Stories are in the works, but nothing is completed enough, to publish them.

I don't know when I'm ready to start to publish also in English, but I hope this will happen this year, 2021.